Maha Usa: Leaders In Multi-purpose Vehicle Lift Technology

Today, with more drivers on the road than ever before and road safety tests becoming ever more stringent, it is imperative that vehicles undergo professional maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. For technology to keep those vehicles at their best, mechanics and auto-repair companies will go to the likes of expert vehicle lift manufacturers, MAHA USA.

Founded in 1969, MAHA USA is market leader in manufacturing advanced vehicle lift technology for worldwide use. They are also a pioneering company in the field of brake testing technology, where they have been manufacturing safety components and driving properties for every type of vehicle for over 30 years.

Professionally engineered and fully-tested products are the cornerstone of the mechanical engineering industry. Vehicle lift technology must be tried, tested and trusted to provide the most assured user experience time after time, and that’s why so many choose MAHA USA’s vehicle lift technology for their company. In addition, because MAHA USA has close contacts with vehicle manufacturers and government agencies, they are able to lead the field in terms of creating products that are designed to exceed mechanical engineering industry standards.

As a market leader in the mechanical engineering industry, MAHA USA is able to offer their clientele different types of vehicle lift, each designed to suit a particular need and offer the ultimate in safety and value. Their line of vehicle lift products includes two-post, four-post and specialty vehicle lifts, as well as in-ground and scissor vehicle lift technology for trucks, cars and SUVs. They also offer heavy-duty lifting capacity in the form of mobile column vehicle lift technology for larger vehicles such as buses or large trucks. These specialised types of vehicle lift are designed to hold up to 144,000lbs. Because of their versatility, MAHA USA’s vehicle lifts can be customized to suit various workshop arenas such as repair shops, body shops, service centers and dealerships.

When you choose from MAHA USA’s unique vehicle lift catalogue for your business, you will also be partnered with one of their distribution experts, who will then help you decide which vehicle lift is right for your facilities, taking into account factors such as space availability, cost and types of vehicles the facility handles.

Their vehicle lift technology is designed to meet and exceed ALI certification in workplace safety standards to offer the user the most comfortable environment in which to complete vehicle maintenance and ensure the safety of mechanics working with heavy-duty vehicles. At MAHA USA, safety and performance are the two key company priorities. That’s why so many top quality vehicle maintenance companies choose them to be their company’s provider for expert vehicle lift technology.


MAHA USA is a leading company in the mechanical engineering industry. For over 30 years they have been providing superior vehicle lift products for vehicle testing and maintenance, and as a pioneer in electronic brake testing they specialize in providing premium testing capabilities for vehicle safety components. For more information about MAHA USA, please go to Maha-usa.