3 Reasons To Choose Genuine Car Parts Over Aftermarket Parts

Let’s say you run into an issue with your car, not an impossible scenario unfortunately.

When the car is at the garage, and the mechanic provides a choice of replacement parts, most people can be frugal and choose the cheapest option possible. This option will usually be opting for non-genuine (commonly known as “aftermarket”) parts over genuine ones.

Whilst being frugal may seem sensible, aftermarket parts aren’t a good investment in comparison. Here are 3 reasons why choosing genuine car parts over aftermarket parts is the right choice to make.


Performance & Quality

Genuine car parts are held to much higher standards than aftermarket parts, this assures that there won’t be further damage or loss of performance. Unlike genuine car parts, aftermarket parts aren’t often manufactured for specific models, so they can span across a range of cars and models, and therefore perhaps may not fit correctly until adjusted. This is far less secure than buying a car part most likely manufactured in the same factory as the car.

A common issue is caused by the fact earlier; if a part doesn’t fit exactly, and has to be modified, it can cause further damage, lower performance and increase the risks of it failing further, all of which increase the cost of running the car, but also potentially compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. Check out this article by Consumer Reports for an example of aftermarket parts causing danger,

The high quality of the genuine parts assure that the car will function and perform as it is meant to.

After asking Volkswagen parts retailer VW Motor Parts about this, they told us “We believe that in order for your car to run reliably, and to have the best performance, only genuine parts and service items should be used. While genuine parts are used, vehicles function as intended. Aftermarket parts risk confidence and reliability”


Warranty & Assurance

Often when purchasing genuine car parts, they come with a warranty if car owners need the same part replacing further on down the line. It is rare that aftermarket parts will ever come with a warranty, and paired with the lower standards in quality, it can often result in a bigger investment.

Another warranty issue that could be caused is the fact that cars often come with warranties from the dealership, based upon them being repaired using genuine parts. While this doesn’t apply to all warranties, it can be part of the small print. Aftermarket parts could potentially void the warranty if they cause issues once used, leading to a big cost later on, especially if the work could’ve been covered under the warranty.

This is all avoided by purchasing genuine car parts, as the part will have an individual warranty, whilst also maintaining the warranty on the car.


Obtaining the parts

Due to the abundant choice in the aftermarket, with many manufacturers, and there often being a lack of unique parts with usually no quality assurance or testing, car owners don’t know what they are going to get until they buy it. Another issue with this is that they don’t know if the part is going to work, or be compatible until they attempt to fit it.

This is all avoided if genuine parts are bought, due to there being one manufacturer, and the choice being limited to ones that fit the car, alongside rigorous testing and quality assurance being an added bonus.



It’s always worth investing in your future, and your car is important to maintain. Which point had you previously not considered?